Carlo della Torre

Who is Carlo della Torre?

Carlo Della Torre, a native Roman, holds a degree in political science from the University of Rome. He pursued post-graduate studies in various European cities, including Moscow.

He has practiced both international trade at the government level and tourist business for many years, living in more than 20 countries.

Carlo della Torre He speaks Italian, English, German, French, Russian, and Spanish fluently.

Della Torre has always dedicated his free time to analyzing male-female relationships and to the secrets of the art of seduction.
His direct experience involves hundreds of beautiful women from all cultures and nationalities.
Through thousands of sophisticated covert interviews, he has elicited from men and women information about what is really involved in seduction.
This experience has led him to classify the vast majority of books on seduction -- and he has read scores of them -- as ineffective and unrelated to real-world experience.

These works, he says, were written mostly by mental-illness "experts" or by "theorists who claim to teach what they themselves are incapable of doing."

In 1992, he founded the School of Seduction in Rome, giving lessons initially to men.
In 1996, he added classes for women.

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