Dajana, The War Beauty Queen
"Guns and Roses"

Incredible Stories of Beautiful Women

by Carlo della Torre

There's probably no beauty queen in the world who's had a life like Dajana, in that her life has had a strange parallel with the wars which provoked the breakup of her country, Yugoslavia.

I decided to go to Belgrade last summer to meet the amazing Miss Dajana in her hometown. This city of beautiful women seemed to be at peace again, after the recent end of the NATO bombings.

Dajana  Dajana
Dajana, the girl with the pistol, is a real champion sharpshooter

Dajana was the last Miss (prewar) Yugoslavia. In her personal life her name is Slaviza Tripunovic, also "Miss": Dajana, almost 30, has never gotten married. She lives in Belgrade, on the river Sava, in a villa that would make a Hollywood star envious. She's a champion sharpshooter who's won dozens of international competitions. She works as a model in Paris, her favorite city in the world, where she bought a beautiful apartment. In her native Belgrade, she's recently become famous as a pop music singer.

She loves flowers and owns a flower shop, she loves coffee and owns a coffee shop, she loves dogs and owns a giant beast (which almost attacked me). She loves Italian food, but she doesn't own an Italian restaurant. For her, the world's best looking men are Spanish, but her boyfriend is Serbian.

At almost 30, she looks 20, so I feel obliged to ask her the usual question: Can you reveal to all women your secret of staying young? Here it is: "I sleep 10 hours every night, I drink a lot of milk and water, I never overeat but I eat a little of everything, I exercize, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I'm an optimist." I think to myself, "Wow... thanks for revealing this incredible secret!"

Dajana  Dajana
Although, she's also a very sweet girl...

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