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Miss Serbia for Miss World

Nadjia Kljajic


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I met Nadjia a year ago in Belgrade when she won the Miss Serbia Tourism title for Miss World. We had the photo shooting between the Vračar district (where San Sava is located, the largest Orthodox church in the world, a real wonder just renovated) and the Kalemegdan park, where the famous fortress you can see in the photos is located.
We had lunch in a Serbian cuisine restaurant and we spent a lot of time together and I got to know her and discover her character.

Nadjia is a positive girl, always has a smile in her eyes, communicates enthusiasm and happiness, puts in a good mood. When these qualities frame the beauty, they are the Great Seduction.

A year has gone by since that day!

A year later. Upon returning to Rome I had chosen the photos I liked most with the journalist photographer GS frankie (for reasons of space we publish only a few), but immediately afterwards I realized that during the trip from Belgrade to Budapest I had lost all my notes, at that point I got stuck.
As my disciples know when I leave something behind I forget the time that passes, but when I start again I travel like a train.

For that past year I have the perception that a month has passed, while three months of Coronavirus seem to me like century. I will have to retract the perception of time for my disciples with the latest tests I made.
Luckily Nadjia has kindly asked me repeatedly to send her the photos and on that occasion I sent her the questions for the interview.

This one year delay was lucky! Because during this period Nadjia was at the Miss World final in China while in Serbia she has already become famous, she is often guest of television programs. So she has more interesting thinks to tell us.

Nadjia has a great natural talent for both interpersonal and television communication. I think she could become a good actress.

As a start she presents the weather forecast on Serbian TV. I see for her a good career and I'm never wrong.

We hope she will forecast "good weather" for post-coronavirus seduction.

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Presentation. What's your name, where were you born how old are you? List your titles and your beauty resume. Studies, sports and hobbies. Zodiac sign. Family.
Nadja Kljajic, Krusevac city. 23 years old. Miss Tourism World Serbia 2019 and Miss Polo Serbia 2020. Now I am Tv presenter for weather forecast in Serbia. Faculty of Project Management . Gym and swimming. Taurus zodiac. Twin sister Sara.

How did you come up with the idea of participating in Miss Serbia? It was your decision instinctively or slowly gained. Has anyone convinced you?
I always knew that is the right direction for me. I dreamed about being in front of camera and had passion for public appearance. It slowly gained because I knew that I need to be mature enough for this pageant.

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If you had to describe yourself what would you say?
Sophisticated lady with smile and passion for life, love and goals.

What was your first approach to the world of beauty (fashion show, contest, photo shoot) and how did you feel (insecure, embarrassed, daring)? What emotions did you feel? What had been the main motivation?
Unlike other girls, I have always knew that I want to put a special energy to any fashion project I have done. Every time I am in front of camera I feel a special energy and connection to it. Sometimes I like to joke and say I am born in front of camera haha.

Are you narcissist?
No, not at all. Personally, I don’t like narcistic people who put themselves first and don’t spread love and attention to others.

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Last year when we took the photos you were a beautiful curvy model and I told you that in that beauty sector you would have no competition in the world and you replied that you didn't want to be curvy. Are you changing?
Definitely, I have curves and I cant change it. Since I am older I started to love my body and to exercise a lot to maintain my body healthy. One message for young girls. Start to love your body and work to become the best version of yourself.

In the Miss Serbia contest, beauty is not enough. What other qualities count to be a Miss?
Beauty is not enough at all. Being a Miss is so much more than a crown on the head. You need to have a goal, discipline, passion, determination, courage, strength are the most important to represent your origin. Being a lady who spread love to the world.

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After I left Belgrade, you travelled around the world for the selections of Miss World and you participated to the final of Miss World Tourism. What can you tell me about these experiences?
The best travel ever! It wasn’t just a travel. It was a real treasure that changed my life. Met so many girls from all around the world. We had travels around China. We have seen their unique culture, hospitality, love to other people and respect. I felt a very lucky girl to have a chance to participate in such a pegeant like that in big city Quingdao.

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Did Miss Serbia Change Your Life?
Yes, totally! I met so many quality people from the world of culture, art, science, sport and media. And I get a job on Tv station as well.

How much did your meeting with my great friend Vesna De Vinča (who is always Vesna Jugović for me) change your life? I know that even after the contest Vesna helps and motivates the Misses for a happy and successful life.
Vesna is a woman who inspires a lot. Everyday I learn something from her. She is such a guru life. She is so intelligent woman who gave me a piece of advice for every path in my life. When I met her, my perspective of life has changed.

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What are your plans for the future?
To work on myself. To become a good Tv presenter. I would like also to try my acting skils.

I have seen that you are often a guest on Serbian television programs. What are you talking about?
I talk about my experince and mission as Miss. I also love to speak about real woman beauty.

Have you got a boyfriend or are you single?

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What should your ideal man be like?
I want a man with manners, inteligence, sense of humor and he needs to have a special energy. I want him to make me feel secure, loved and special.

Who are the sexiest actor and actress in the world?
There are lot of good looking actors but one of my favourite men is Kevin Costner. He is such a gentlemen. Also I love Australian actor Theo James. Favorite actress are Monica Belluci and Kim Basinger.

Is there a woman you are inspired by?
I have always been inspired by models of the 90s. They are how every women should be. Not just looking good but having a personality and factor X. I admire their special energy, smile and sparkle.

What is the dream of your life?
To travel a lot, love like crazy and work a job I love and which inpires me a lot.

What do you think of Italian men? Pros and cons.
I just adore Italy. Italy is my dream place to be. Italians guys have a good sense of humor and such a special manners. They have a good energy, they know to enjoy the life. Molto bacci ragazzi!

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And now Nadjia on video to admire her personality and her character. In real life she is just like on TV

In this video Nadjia prepares her cooking recipe on Serbian TV

And in this short video you see her at the Miss World final in China

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(Giovedì 7 Maggio 2020)

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